It's not just massage, it's massage THERAPY. Laurel has solved
at least two significant musculo-skeletal injuries for me that I
would have otherwise probably endured painfully for years. Her
depth of knowledge and ability to teach her clients about their
bodies and how they work has been incredibly valuable.

~ Mary
I am 54-years-old and have been an avid runner and
cyclist for over 30 years. Since starting regular massage
at Avalon 10 years ago, I have never had an injury.  It is
the best form of preventative medicine I know!  

~ Nancy
I've been getting regular massage for 20 years, but after the first
seven had to find a new massage therapist.  It took me three years to
find Laurel at Avalon Massage.  I've been a client of hers for ten years
now, every two weeks, and can honestly say it always gives me
something to look forward to and never dissappoints.

~ Martin
My husband (Martin) is used to regular massage.  I considered it an
annual indulgence, but knowing better my needs, he has slowly
convinced me to "allow" myself regular massage, first monthly and now
every two weeks.  I didn't realize until the last few years how essential
massage is for my mental and physical health.  

When I describe Avalon Massage to my friends, there is always one
word that I use about Laurel: intuitive.  I don't have to tell her what is
going on in my life or body; she knows better than I do and I put myself
in her hands completely.

~ Peggy